‘Working woman is a myth’: Kangana Ranaut supports Smriti Iranis decision to oppose paid menstrual leave

Smriti Irani stated on Wednesday that menstruation is not a ‘handicap’ and that a policy for “paid leave” for women is unnecessary. Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram Stories on Thursday to express her thoughts on the statement made by the union’s women and child development (WCD) minister.

The actress, who was most recently featured in the patriotic movie Tejas penned, “Working woman is a myth, there has not been a single non-working woman in the history of mankind. From farming to house chores to rausing kids, women have always been working and nothing has come in the way of their commitment to their families or community or nation. Unless it is some specific medical condition, women don’t need paid leaves for periods, please understand, it is periods, not some illness or handicap.”

In the meantime on the professional front, Kangana got several praise for her performance in her last film ‘Tejas’. The actress will next be seen in ‘Emergency’ which she’s also directed. She will play Indira Gandhi in the movie.

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