Zidane explains his decision about leaving Real Madrid, accused Perez of lacking respect

Frenchman Zinedine Zidane wrote an open letter to supporters explaining his decision of leaving the club. He accused Real Madrid president Florentino Perez of lacking respect in his final season at the club.

Zidane said that he felt that the club didn’t have the faith in him which he needed from them. He mentioned his love for the club since his arrival as a player 20 years back and how he helped the club in winning so many titles.

Zidane said that when he left the job in 2018, it was because when the team needed a new approach to be at the highest level and had the potential to grow but now it is a lot different, the club has lost the faith in me and neither supports me to build something in the medium or long term.

“I understand football and I know if things are not going accordingly, you’ve to change them and I’m a natural-born winner and I also wanted to win the trophies with the club but many people’s emotions have not been taken into account and this has resulted in hampering the dynamics of a great club, many things have been hurting me when I read the news there are many instances which says I will be sacked if I don’t win the next game or the messages are leaked deliberately which affects the squad negatively and creates doubts and misunderstandings. But these lads helped me in my hard time and saved me with magnificent victories because they believed in me and I believed in them.” Zidane in his open letter.

After Zidane’s departure, PSG boss Pochettino is said to be succeeding him, academy coach Raul and Antonio Conte are also the contenders to lead the Las Blancos in the upcoming seasons

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