3 horrible cases that happened while filming

Many Internet users like to look at the world of show business. Someone subscribes to their favorite actors on social networks, someone guards celebrities at home or the set, and someone imitates them by buying the same outfits and posting photos on the Internet. However, even the most famous representatives of show business do not always look as chic as on the covers of glossy magazines. They even may be killed during the filming. In this review, we will talk about the most horrible cases that happened to the stars.


Many moviegoers are well aware of the American TV series Lost. He became the winner of the Emmy and Golden Globe awards, and the total number of awards for this project is more than 100. Many bookmakers offered to bet on the plot of this series. Today, show business betting is also popular among bettors. One of the sites that offer betting on show business is 22Bet.

Over the long history of filming, many funny and ridiculous situations have happened. For example, during the filming of one of the scenes of the final season, Terry O’Queen almost stabbed Matthew Fox to death. The fact is that the people in charge of the props did not check and instead of a knife with a fake folding blade they put a real one. Fox was saved by a Kevlar plate, which was hidden under his clothes just in case. Thank God that this story ended with a happy ending because there have been fewer funny situations in the history of cinema – when actors died on the set because instead of fake props they were mistakenly given a real one.

The Twilight Zone

On the set of the television series “The Twilight Zone” in 1983, there was a real disaster. In the scene where the helicopter was involved, during the filming process, the pilot flew too low over the site and touched the pyrotechnics warehouse. Because of this, there was an explosion, the car lost control, and the helicopter blades decapitated two actors. In addition, another actress died under the wreckage of a crashed helicopter. The pilot of the helicopter was found guilty of the incident, as he did not comply with the distance prescribed by the aviation federation. Despite proven guilt, no one was held accountable.

The Crow

One of the most mysterious deaths in the history of cinema is the death of the son of the legendary Bruce Lee. The tragedy happened in 1993 during the filming of the film “The Crow”. Brandon Lee’s partner was supposed to fire blanks at him. However, at the very moment of filming, someone left a special plug-in the barrel, which flew out of the weapon and pierced Lee’s stomach and then got stuck in the spine. Many film critics have speculated about the mystical death of the actor, which is associated with the plot of “The Crow”, in which the character Lee is killed, but he is resurrected. The murder scene was re-shot with an understudy for ethical reasons.

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