Air India expected to collect up to Rs300 crores, selling off real estate assets


Disinvestment-bound Air India is hoping to raise Rs 200-300 crore by selling business and private land resources in various pieces of the country.

Air India on Friday looked for offers for a large number of properties, including pads and plots.

“Air India through MSTC welcomes e-sell off offers available to be purchased of the properties situated across India,” as indicated by a public notification.

A private plot and a level in Mumbai, five pads in New Delhi, a private plot in Bangalore, and four pads in Kolkata, are among the properties that have been put at a bargain.

In addition, a booking office and staff quarter in Aurangabad, a private plot alongside Airline House in Bhuj, six pads in Nashik, booking office in Nagpur and a private plot in Thiruvananthapuram and two pads in Mangaluru are available to be purchased, according to the notification.

“We are expecting the bartering of these properties should get around Rs 200-300 crore for AIAHL,” a senior authority told PTI.

The offers would be open on July 8 and close on July 9.

The public authority is currently settling on the last shapes for the disinvestment of loss making Air India.

A unique reason vehicle — Air India Assets Holding Ltd (AIAHL) — has been set up to hold the non-center resources of Air India bunch.

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