“All of Us Strangers” trailer out: Watch now

The teaser for the upcoming homosexual romance “All of Us Strangers” from Searchlight Pictures shows Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott closer than ever. The movie, directed by Andrew Haigh, is a translation of the 1987 Japanese psychological novel “Strangers” by Taichi Yamada.

Image Credit: IMDb

The two actors play the roles of screenwriter Adam (Scott) and the mysterious Harry (Mescal), who were formerly neighbours before falling in love. As their relationship develops, Adam visits the house where he grew up and finds that his parents, Claire Foy and Jamie Bell, who passed over three decades earlier, appear to be alive.

Prior to that, Haigh was the director of the 2017 coming-of-age road movie “Lean on Pete” and the 2011 homosexual romance drama “Weekend.” One of his most private projects to date appears to be “All of Us Strangers”. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Haigh remarked, “I’m not sure if it was dumb, emotionally or mentally, to suddenly deal with my own past at the same time that I was presenting a tale about someone else dealing with their past. However, it was a very oddly cathartic experiment.

Along with his peculiar trip into the past, Scott’s character has a romantic involvement with Mescals. Haigh stated that he worked hard to evoke a deeper sense of emotional authenticity in the movie’s sex sequences. The New York Film Festival will host the “All of Us Strangers” premiere before it hits theatres on December 22.

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