Aviation industry going through one of the toughest phase: Vistara chief

Covid vaccinations are the only hope for everyone including the aviation industry. The aviation sector is one of the hardest-hit industries during the pandemic. The domestic traffic in India has come to a 10-year low of what is estimated to be 53.4 million in 2020-21. The initiation of lockdowns and travel bubbles has taken a toll on it and thus they are faced with tough situations. Vistara is one of those airline companies that hit the slumps.

The airline industry has had to overcome a lot of hurdles from salary cuts and furloughs to canceling flights and losing a spot at many airports. All airline companies were in the process of staying above water by cutting extraneous costs and trying to manage disruptions caused due to the pandemic.

Vistara set on with its operations a little over 6 years ago and in these years it has made the required modifications and adjustments so as to not cause laying off of employees. The chief of Vistara, Leslie Thng, believes that vaccines will perform a vital role in the overall restoration of the demand for air travel all around the world. The airline company mentioned that it is in for the long haul and is persistent to promote its growth.

Mr. Thng amongst other things also mentioned that the second wave has caused the recovery phase of the industry to come to a halt and has pushed them further back from where they were after the first wave. In addition to that, he feels that people are not more anxious about air travel as of now due to the rapid spread of the virus, the restriction related to air travel, and state-wise lockdowns.

After all the downfalls, Vistara’s goals are very clear. Mr. Thng has mentioned that the airline remains strong and is focusing on its long-term vision of opening its wings further into the domestic market and expanding on a global scale.

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