Bad Manners: OTT Release date


Suri and Abishek remained quite tight-lipped about the subject, with the filmmaker hinting that it revolved around country-made guns and an investigation. Abishek plays a cop in the film. According to a synopsis on a ticket aggregator platform, the film follows Rudra, who, after his father`s demise, gets a job in the police force. When Rudra loses his service gun at a crime scene, he`s given an ultimatum to find it or face suspension. He then travels to Govardhana Ghada, a place notorious for the illegal production of weapons, to retrieve his lost gun. As Rudra delves deeper into the investigation, he realizes that his `bad manners` has led him to a series of dire consequences.

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Release Date

Bad Manners will release on 9 February 2024 on Amazon Prime.

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