Delta flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta makes emergency landing in Oklahoma City due to unruly passenger


Delta Flight 1730, going to Atlanta from Los Angeles was forced to divert and make a premature landing in Oklahoma City because of a man who became unruly and attacked two flight attendants and threatened to bring down the plane.

After the aircraft landed in Oklahoma City, the man was handed over to the law enforcement officials. According to CNN, a delta spokesperson stated that he was an off-duty Delta flight attendant.

The man was hospitalized after his complaints of chest pains and signs according to the police, of mental issues. The police searched the plane before allowing the flight to continue.

Passengers on the Delta flight stated that the individual made strange announcements over the PA system of the plane and asked everyone to take their seats and prepare to put on their oxygen masks. 

The disruptive passenger attempted to open the cabin door, which Delta airlines did not allow, but the flight crew was forced to control the individual while the pilot diverted to Oklahoma City. The police were able to overpower the man after several moments of violent struggle which were captured on video. No other injuries were reported.

According to media reports, Delta thanked the passengers and crew who “assisted in detaining an unruly passenger.”

According to CNN, the event occurred on the same day that the US Transportation Security Administration stated that its agents had inspected more than two million people at airports, the most since the COVID-19 crisis.

The data from the Federal Aviation Administration shows that “unruly passenger” incidents on commercial flights have shot up this year amid high-stress levels and as mask-wearing has taken on a political edge.

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