Ed Sheeran says cooking with his wife inspired new album ‘Autumn Variations’

Ed Sheeran is a singer with an excellent voice and a number of fascinating songs. He has several chart-topping songs under his belt, including Perfect, Shape of You and Galway Girl. What’s even better is that he has a new album out called Autumn Variations. While most musicians drew inspiration from numerous aspects of their lives, Sheeran had an uncommon source of inspiration. Ed Sheeran said in a recent Instagram post posted by Meredith Hayden that he was inspired to write the album while cooking with his wife, Cherry Seaborn.

The new album by Ed Sheeran was inspired by romantic experiences he had with his wife, Cherry Seaborn. On Thursday, TikTok creator and private chef Meredith Hayden of @wishbonekitchen shared a video of Sheeran serving tacos alongside her at her Brooklyn apartment. In the video, the Perfect singer stated that spending time in his kitchen was a huge source of inspiration for him.

He stated, “It was actually cooking that inspired me to make it. Me and my wife always put on Norah Jones.” Hayden then chimed and asked him, “I was going to say, Is it a good cooking album?”

Sheeran jumped in, inquiring about the young chef’s favorite cooking playlist. “It’s a little humiliating. “It’s called hotel lobby jazz,”  she replied, offering the Grammy-winning singer a fist bump of appreciation. She then added, “The next time I cook, I’m going to be listening to your new album.”

Sheeran then replied: “I’m hoping so. You are going to turn it off halfway through and put on your jazz record.”


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