Ed Sheeran stops concert to help couple announce the sex of their baby; Watch

Ed Sheeran is infatuated with giving his fans exactly what they want. The singer paused his performance in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday to help a couple announce the gender of their baby. Ed Sheeran was in the middle of his record-breaking song Perfect when he decided it was time to disclose the gender of the couple’s baby. Meanwhile, when he unfolded the envelope and grew impatient. The video was also uploaded on Instagram by the singer-songwriter.

Ed Sheeran was helping a family in the most perfect way. On Saturday, the rock singer paused his concert in Kansas City to fulfil a couple’s request that he reveal the gender of their unborn child. On Saturday, the singer-songwriter posted a video of the on-stage event to Instagram, showcasing the audience’s reaction as it happened. Sheeran captioned his sweet revelation post: “My first gender reveal.”

Watch the video here!

Before ratcheting up the tension, The Shape Of You singer said in an Instagram video, “I’ll go back to singing Perfect, but I feel like this is the first time, sort of thing. Here we go.” He read the envelope and revealed, “It’s a girl!” A woman in a white gown and a man in a backward cap were beaming in joy as the camera turned to the happy couple.

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