Fans taunt Sanjana Ganesan with amusing questions when she shows off her stunning dance talents

With the IPL 2021 suspended until further notice and all players back home, Indian sports presenter Sanjana Ganesan gave fans a rare look into her life at home.

With the IPL 2021 delayed until further notice and the players returning home, Indian sports broadcaster Sanjana Ganesan provided fans with a rare glimpse into her personal life. Ganesan, a former model, rose to prominence following her work with Star Sports during the 2019 Cricket World Cup and her marriage to renowned Indian bowler Jasprit Bumrah. They have been very generous with their photo releases since their return home following the IPL.

Sanjana Ganesan’s dancing abilities are impressive. Sanjana Ganesan’s recent Instagram post has left fans with only one question: ‘Where is Jasprit Bumrah?’ Seen dancing along to MC Zaac, Anitta, and Tyga’s ‘Desce Pro Play (PA PA PA)’ as she advertises a set of Sony earphones, Ganesan’s video is now full with comments begging for more Jasprit Bumrah material on her page. Fans may get their dream since Ganesan and Bumrah are expected to visit the United Kingdom together in June of this year. Meanwhile, according to the most recent IPL news, the BCCI is considering rescheduling the India vs. England series in order to fit the remaining of the IPL 2021 this year.

Sanjana presented a number of special chat programs for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) club during the Indian Premier League 2020 season. Sanjana hosted KKR’s The Knight Club, a program where fans of the two-time IPL winners could offer their opinion on the squad. She resumed her work as a sports broadcaster with Star Sports India after the IPL 2020 season ended, although her job with the KKR squad ended.



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