Google provides tools for remote work planning for it’s employees

On Tuesday Google disclosed a platform where the employees can check or go through their benefits regarding compensation or salary information. In this platform it is claimed that one can easily get the access to calculation of their pay for remote work. This will also help the employees to get to know about their pay that will be differing from location to location that is depending on how cheap or expensive the city or location is.

A Google spokesperson referring to an AFP inquiry said that, with the company’s  new hybrid platform for work “more workers are looking forward to their place of work or how they work.”

The Google spokesperson also added, This hybrid workplace come into the effect after Google expected, that in the post pandemic work model –

  • only 6 out of 10 worker will be meeting in office that is 60 per cent only with a restriction of few days a week.
  •  2 out of 10 that is 20 per cent will work from their remote area or new office location.
  • The remaining 2 out of 10 that is again 20 per cent will be expected to work from home.

The Google employs some 1,40,000 people from all corners of the world. However this new work location tool will help the employees to see how their pay or compensation will be adjusted depending upon the places they choose to live or work from.

Notably there should be flexibility regarding the remote area work and change of location as pointing to the tech companies that reopening campuses abandoned during the COVID-19 pandemic, said by the Google’s Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai.

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