ICC planning to keep ‘sixth day’ in World Test Championship final clash between India and New Zealand

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is reevaluating the existing playing rules for the inaugural  World Test Championship (WTC) final to be played between India and New Zealand in Southampton from June 18. Currently, both the teams are under strict quarantine. The reason for planning to keep the sixth day in the WTC final is that if in the end, the match draws it will create so much confusion whether to declare joint champions or place one more decider match.

The ICC website stated that if the final match draws both the teams will be declared as the joint champions. As per their current plan, the reserve day would be implemented if there were any hours lost in the first five days of the match. The idea was to ensure that the match is played out in 30 hours in the first five days and the reserve day would be applied only if 30 hours were not played in those first five days.

The idea of having joint winners in the first time World Test Championship final does not portray very well. So, there should be maximum options open to get a winner of the match.  The ICC committee is working to add ‘sixth day’ to avoid draw result and the decision regarding this plan should be out by this week.

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