IPL 2021: Paul Reiffel’s rumored reasons for withdrawing himself midway from the latest edition of IPL have confirmed to be false

Indian umpire, Nithin Menon and his Australian correlative Paul Raiffel have pulled out from the ongoing IPL season.

Earlier, Paul Reiffel and his Indian counterpart, Nitin Menon have been speculated to pull out of the latest edition of the vivo IPL adducing “personal reason”, amid the global pandemic outbreak.  This is probably the first time in the history of IPL that an official has decided to step down and withdraw himself midway from the tournament.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) are against the idea of suspending the tournament despite the spiking COVID-19 cases and many players opting out. There have been a total of 23 matches played so far and the the board anticipates and hopes to complete the season successfully.

A few foreign players have already backed out from IPL 2021 midway citing the fear of being struck with COVID-19 while the rest worried about getting locked out of their country.

Here’s the real angle to Paul Reiffel’s and Nitin Menon’s story;

A BCCI official confirmed with PTI, “Yes, Nitin has left as his immediate family members have COVID-19 and he currently isn’t in the mental state to conduct games”.

In Paul’s case, the imposition on travel has been announced by the Australian government. Flights from and to India are completely restricted in the wake of spiking COVID-19 cases therefore disabling him to leave the bubble.

Reiffel on Thursday from his hotel in Ahmedabad in an exclusive interview with ‘The Age’ and ‘The Herald’  said, “I tried to, but the flight to Doha, I wasn’t able to go through as an Australian. They shut the avenue off. I know a couple of the guys got back that way through there, but the avenue was closed, so I had to stay. Yesterday, I was booked to go, but it got cancelled”.

Thus, confirming that Raiffel will continue to superintend and will return home with the rest of the Australian corps associating with the IPL.


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