IPL 2021: Virender Sehwag reacts as KKR uses secret numbers during their fielding

Virender Sehwag requested to take his view that the position of a captain’s intuition could be undermined.

Expressing his disappointment at the ‘code term’ technique employed by the Kolkata Knight Riders on Monday, Virender Sehwag, an former Indian opener, told him that everyone could thus become a captain.

This incident occurred during the 21st game of the league, when the observer Nathan Leamon from Kolkata Knight Riders kept a mysterious placard with ’54’ during the middle ups of batting by Punjab Kings. Many viewers, from supporters to experts on the radio, attempted to decipher the message the management tried to send to the captain.

This isn’t the first run through when KKR has utilized the ‘code word’ strategies to speak with the on-field players from the burrow. Imparting his insight in collaboration with Cricbuzz, Sehwag conceded that despite the fact that there isn’t anything amiss with getting such assistance from the hole, he said that this could subvert the job of a skipper’s senses.

He personally thinks and said that “I think one should definitely get help from outside but the captain himself has some instincts about which type of bowler to use when. I am not saying don’t take the help from outside because sometimes even the 25th player can give a good suggestion.”

“But this suggestion should be only something which helps the captain and he thinks ‘Right, I didn’t think about it in this way’. Also, these things can help if he has forgotten something and the code reminds him of that then there’s no issue.”

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