IPL 2021: Why Maxwell is having his best IPL after years?

Glenn Maxwell the Australian all-rounder is already having his best IPL in years outscoring his previous total tally of runs in the previous two IPL runs in just three matches and scoring back-to-back fifties one of which consisted of his first fifty after five years.

So what has changed for Big Money Maxwell? As his price tag and performances in Big Bash and for Australia translated his good form above each IPL he was never able to convert his potential into his performances since his amazing run in 2014. But this year at RCB he is already looking like a match-winner and translated his performances consistently scoring back-to-back fifties and a 39 in 3 matches that he played.

This year he has the freedom to be himself and play his own game even though he had a big price tag, with people like Kohli and De Villiers coming before and after him he has the privilege to be himself and not worry to carry the team on his shoulders alone. Just like for Australia and in Big Bash, he has the comfort of a world-class player coming after him, and also since promoted to no.4 he can use the amount of balls he need to set himself up to bat through the innings.

Also sharing the dressing room with giants of the game like Kohli and De Villiers who understand his game must have given him more confidence to play his own game and he must have got many good tips to improve his scoring.

Maxwell is already looking on a roll which is a very good sign for RCB as they for once looking like their middle and lower batting order is sorted and looking to have a successful campaign ahead.

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