Is ‘Partner’ already released on Aha?

Here’s everything you need to know about the movie “Partner”.


Manoj Damodharan, a rookie director, wrote and directed Partner. Drawing from a number of Hollywood productions, the story centres on an odd occurrence that transforms a man into an attractive lady. The movie centres on the endeavours of an Aadhi Pinisetty-played small-town man. He travels to Chennai with the intention of making Rs 25 lakh, and he enlists the aid of Yogi Babu’s character, who is his friend. And in order to get quick money, the hero steals. But then something goes wrong—during a robbery, Yogi Babu unintentionally gets an injection of a serum, which turns him into a woman, played by Hansika Motwani.

Box office verdict

Partner debuted in theatres on August 25 with little excitement. The film failed to make an impression on critics or viewers, and it opened to a lacklustre reception at the box office. It might be one of the causes behind the celebrity cast’s tacit disavowal of the film.

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Release Date

Partner had already released on 8 May 2024 on Aha.

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