Jujutsu Kaisen: Was Yuji born with innate Blood Manipulation technique?

The main fights that are now taking place in the Culling Game arc are largely responsible for Jujutsu Kaisen’s current level of fan excitement. Fans have witnessed some of the most thrilling fights between the main antagonists, such Kenjaku and Sukuna, throughout this arc.

Fans got to witness an intriguing skill ability by the series’ protagonist during the 2-on-1 battle between Yuji and Higuruma vs. Sukuna. Sukuna had his whole attention on Higuruma, but Yuji seemed to use a tactic called Piercing Blood from a distance. Fans are aware that this move is both Choso’s signature and an ability passed down through the Kamo Clan. So was Yuji born with the innate Blood Manipulation technique? Here’s everything you need to know.

How can Yuji use Blood Manipulation?

Choso and Yuji are not related by blood, even though they are technically brothers. Yuji is human, while Choso is a reincarnated Cursed Womb: Death Painting. Kenjaku took Noritoshi Kamo’s body a few centuries ago and gave birth to him and his nine siblings through Choso’s mother.

Centuries later, Kenjaku possessed Kaori Itadori, who gave birth to Yuji as part of an elaborate plan. Thus, Choso and Yuji became brothers. However, Yuji was not born with the Kamo Clan’s innate technique.

Because the Death Paintings contain Noritoshi Kamo’s blood, each has inherited the Blood Manipulation technique, which has now been passed on to Yuji.

As the battle continues in Chapter 251, Yuji shocks the King of Curses with a unique technique. He spits blood on Sukuna’s face, then explodes it. It appears that the technique is an extension of blood manipulation.

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