Kiran More about Virat Kohli and split captaincy with Rohit Sharma: There will come a time when Kohli will say, ‘enough, let him lead the side’

Former India chairman of selectors, Kiran More believes India skipper Virat Kohli would give over the reigns of at least one format to current white-ball vice-captain Rohit Sharma at some point in the future.

More stated that after the forthcoming World Test Championship final against New Zealand and the England series, a lot of things would be obvious, implying that Kohli may make a decision on the shorter forms. Kohli has learnt a lot from famous Indian cricketer MS Dhoni. Like the two World Cup-winning skipper, he may relieve the load by allowing Rohit to lead at least in one format.

“These things, I believe, are driven by the board’s vision. Rohit Sharma, I feel, will be given an opportunity shortly. Virat Kohli, who played under MS Dhoni, is a savvy skipper. He’ll consider how long he wants to command the ODI and T20 teams. After the England visit, you’ll learn a lot more about these decisions,” More stated.

When asked if split leadership might work in India, More said that captaining three forms while still performing to one’s full capabilities might become exhausting after a while. “Split captaincy has the potential to function in India. It’s crucial to hear what the veteran players have to say regarding the Indian team’s future. Captaining three teams isn’t easy for Virat Kohli, and he also needs to perform. I give him some credit for it because he has excelled in every format while captaining and won. However, I believe there will come a day when Virat Kohli will say, ‘Enough is enough, let Rohit lead the side.’ and Kohli will step down,” More said.

More, who praised Kohli as one of the finest cricketers in the world, believes that the Indian team would benefit from a divided captaincy. “That is, in fact, extremely healthy. And this is a powerful message for Indian cricket that will be passed down through the generations. It’s a matter of respect, and Rohit Sharma should be given an opportunity if he’s performing well. If Virat Kohli accomplishes that, I believe he would set a tremendous example. His choice on how much rest he wants and if he wants to captain the Test or ODI squad will determine his destiny. He’s a person too and his intellect tires out,” he concluded.

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