Knives Out 3 releases it’s Title; Checkout the announcement video

At last, Wake Up Dead Man is the official title of Knives Out 3.

On Friday, May 24, 2024, Netflix unveiled an announcement teaser for the next Knives Out 3 film. Aside from revealing the title, there were not many specifics revealed. As part of Rian Johnson’s two-sequel arrangement with Netflix, which will take place after 2020’s Knives Out follow-up Glass Onion, Daniel Craig will reprise his role as the captivating protagonist Benoit Blanc.

Title announcement and it’s meaning

Although the meaning of Wake Up Dead Man’s title is still up for debate as of May 2024, it does seem to be a reference to the well-known rock band U2’s song of the same name. “Wake Up Dead Man” was the last song on the band’s 1997 album Pop, and is often seen as one of the band’s most contentious and strange songs because of its intensely religious theme. In it, Bono, the lead vocalist for U2, essentially begs for wisdom and direction while singing to Jesus Christ. The previously stated revolving black coffin is the only other significant clue provided in the brief title announcement video.

This suggests that, as is customary for the genre, the film revolves around someone’s death. The dead should begin the next murder mystery, which calls for Craig’s Benoit Blanc’s quick attention and investigative instincts. He is most likely a guy. If Wake Up Dead Man is based on the U2 song, then the movie might have some religious overtones or the dead man might be viewed as a mythical character whose absence leads the other characters astray.

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