MS Dhoni reacts to getting photographed during Uttarakhand vacation, video goes viral

MS Dhoni, captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), is now having a well-deserved holiday with his family in Uttarakhand ahead of the highly anticipated IPL 2024 auction. The former India captain, known for his privacy, once again showed his aversion to social media.

In a new video posted on X, Dhoni can be seen gently requesting individuals not to film him as he had an important phone call. He instantly handed over his phone to the security staff, showing his responsible nature. The incident happened as the 42-year-old legend calmly waited for his friends to join him on what seemed to be an invigorating hike.

“Are mobile niche karo. (Please, take down the mobile),” he said.

In another viral video, Dhoni responded jokingly to a lady who warmly welcomed his wife, Sakshi, in a traditional manner. He said, “Wo to chu liya aapne, photo nahi liya to aap dubara chuoge.”

Even though MS Dhoni is unquestionably one of the most famous individuals on social media, he hardly uses it.

In 2018 Dhoni opened up on his infrequent reliance on these devices. He said in an interview, “Me and technology, there is a big divide. I don’t use phones so much and there are a lot of stories I don’t pick up phones. But I do use technology as well. Technology has to be used in the right way.”

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