Netflix latest movie ‘The Beautiful Game’ to release soon; Watch the Trailer

Here’s everything you need to know about “The Beautiful Game”.

Official Synopsis

“In “The Beautiful Game,” Mal, the manager of England’s homeless soccer team, leads them to the Homeless World Cup in Rome. He takes a gamble by adding talented but troubled striker Vinny, who must overcome his past to become a team player. Inspired by the real Homeless World Cup, this is a story of second chances, where homeless individuals from across the globe find hope and competition on the field.”


The Beautiful Game feels like a cross between Taika Waititi’s previous Next Goal Wins and The Mighty Ducks, promising a touching story of a heroic ascent to fame. The plot, which centres on a group of homeless football players, has a tight grip on contemporary society. Each member on the squad has a backstory that illustrates one of the numerous reasons someone could become homeless, such as financial hardships or addiction. Since football is a major component of millions of communities worldwide, fusing it with the chance to educate people about the very real experiences of the homeless worldwide opens the door to a heartwarming tale that will resonate with viewers.


Bill Nighy, the well-known British actor from stage and cinema, leads the team as England team coach Mal in The Beautiful Game. With a career spanning over ten years with roles in films like Shaun of the Dead, Love Actually, and many more, Nighy has demonstrated that he is capable of playing sharp comedic roles as well as heartbreaking drama, making him ideal for both types of roles and capable of giving an outstanding performance.

In addition to The Beautiful Game, Nighy will feature in The First Omen, the newest The Omen film. Michael Ward (Top Boy) as gifted striker Vinny, Susan Wokoma (Enola Holmes) as Protasia, Kit Young (Shadow & Bone) as Cal, Callum Scott Howells (It’s A Sin) as Nathan, Cristina Rodlo (Halo) as Rosita, Sheyi Cole (Small Axe) as Jason, Tom Vaughn-Lawlor (Avengers: Infinity War) as Kevin, and Valeria Golino (Rain Man) as Gabriella are among the talented group that Nighy is a part of.

Checkout the Trailer

Release Date

The Beautiful Game will release on 29 March 2024 on Netflix.

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