Prasanna Vadanam crosses almost 50 million streaming minutes on Aha

Here’s everything you need to know about the movie “Prasanna Vadanam”.


In the murder case, the young actor plays a man who suffers from a face-blindness illness. The main plot of the movie is how he finally gets over it. Everyone was caught aback by Suhas’s performance in this pivotal part. The fundamental plot is also being discussed a lot, aside from his acting.

Box-office Verdict

Prasanna Vadanam barely generated Rs 4.1 crore in Telugu states throughout its exact one-week run in theatres. Despite the low number, the creators struck a safe place. However, the main action involved OTT. Prior to its premiere, the film’s makers did not do much promotion. Not many people are aware that a movie like this was released at all. Suhas was a box office hit in Ambajipeta Marriage Band, the film in which he was last seen. You can see the village drama on Aha as well, where the young actor gives a remarkable performance.

Prasanna Vadanam crosses almost 50 million streaming minutes

According to a source at Aha, not even they could have predicted Prasanna Vadanam’s outstanding start. Additionally, according to the source, Prasanna Vadanam will shortly reach 50 million minutes. Viva Harsha, a young comedian who is becoming better with every performance, also had a significant role in this movie.

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When was Prasanna Vadanam released?

Prasanna Vadanam was released on May 24, 2024 on Aha.

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