Ricky Ponting was approached to coach Team India? Here’s what the skipper has to say

Ricky Ponting, in a podcast, revealed that he was approached to take up the role as Team India’s coach which he had to deny.

The former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting, who is currently the head coach of the IPL team Delhi Capitals, revealed that he was approached to join in as the coach for Team India.He revealed it in the Grade Cricketers Podcast. He said that he had to turn the offer down as he felt he might not be able to give much time to the team.

In the podcast, Ricky said, “The People I spoke to were very keen to find a way to make it work, but the first thing I said was that I can’t give that much of my time’. That means, I can’t coach in the IPL.”

He was amazed and happy to know that Rahul Dravid joined the team as the Head Coach. He said, “I’m very surprised that Dravid has taken this job. I’m not sure about his family life but I’m sure he has young kids. So I’m surprised that he took it but as I said, the people I spoke to were sure they got the right person so they were probably able to get Dravid to do it.”

Seems like Rahul Dravid already proved his coaching skills as Team India had a five wicket win against New Zealand on Wednesday at Jaipur.


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