SAS Rogue Heroes Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and everything you need to know!

The first episode of SAS Rogue Heroes on BBC iPlayer received the craziest feedback, almost topping The Tourist and The Responder programmes. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the BBC has picked up the historical drama for a second season.

The Special Air Services (SAS) and its fight during World War II was the inspiration for the SAS Rogue television series. It centres on the life of Dabi Stirling, a strong leader with similarly strong men and recruits. The first season of the programme was crazy, and the second season may be even more dramatic. Here is all we know about the next season as second-season planning gets underway.


SAS Rogue Heroes Season 2 Plot

The SAS Rogue series’ second season will take place in mainland Europe, and the story will change. In 1943, David Stirling—famously known as the Phantom manager—is apprehended and imprisoned. He is directed to one of the safest locations in the Colditz castle after making an unsatisfactory number of efforts to escape. Stirling is then succeeded as Commander by Paddy Mayne. The second season will focus on Mayne’s invasion of Sicily, on the Italian peninsula. We anticipate that the second season of the show will have coverage of the combats since SAS reported that the combat fighting in Italy had to be the most severe encounters they have ever heard.


SAS Rogue Heroes Season 2 Cast

Without Connor Swindells (Sex Education) and Jack O’Connell, the Rogue series is not the same, and we anticipate that both actors will return for the second season. David Stirling is portrayed by Swindells, and Paddy Mayne by O’Connell. Tom Glynn (Domina), Theo Barlem, Jacob Ifan, Bobby Schofield, and Dominic West (Brassic) are more cast members who are likely to return in the second season.


SAS Rogue Heroes Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, a trailer for SAS Rogue Heroes’ second season won’t be made available anytime soon. Only recently was Season One of the programme renewed, and we still don’t know when production will start on Season 2. The trailer might be released before the year is up or early the next year if the series starts filming this year. If you missed it, you may watch the first season of the programme in the meantime. Both BBC iPlayer and YouTube have the teaser.


SAS Rogue Heroes Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when the series will be released, but we can be sure that it won’t be anytime soon. This month saw the premiere of the programme. Given that the first episode of the show had approximately 10 million views, the renewal was not unexpected. The programme rose to prominence among the top dramas when the BBC iPlayer debuted in 2023.

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