Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film will break Box Office records

Taylor Swift happily disclosed her plans to bring the famous Eras Tour to North American cinemas on Thursday, sparking excitement among fans.

AMC Theatre Chain claimed record-breaking ticket sales for “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour Concert Film,” surpassing  Spiderman: No Way Home’s previous record of $25 million on its first day of ticket sales.

AMC will add more showtimes for the concert movie because of unprecedented demand. On Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, all AMC theatres in the United States will have at least 4 screenings every day.

Cineplex Canada will play the Eras Tour film in 150 theatres, providing fans with a cinematic experience. Tickets are available on the Cineplex website, with rates referencing Swift’s work.

Cineplex expressed excitement for providing fans with the opportunity to completely lose themselves in this once-in-a-lifetime concert video experience, which provides a stunning view of the historic tour.

In addition to Cineplex, the Eras Tour concert movie will be shown in Landmark Cinemas across Canada.

Can Taylor Swift’s concert film boast a $100 million debut?

It should be noted that AMC Theatres, the largest chain in the United States, has only recorded $26 million in pre-sales. “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” will also be released at Cinemark and Regal theatres, as well as other places around the country. The movie will also be released in a number of international markets, including Canada and Mexico. Swift is treating her concert film like a true blockbuster, with over 4,000 screens set to open, which is likely why critics are predicting a $100 million opening when it hits theatres in mid-October.

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