Trent Boult might play second Test against England after relaxed quarantine in UK

The Blackcaps pacer Trent Boult will play the second Test against England at Edgbaston which is starting from 10th June. He has joined the Kiwis squad late last week while being opted to return home after aborted IPL rather than head straight to the UK. The coach Gary Stead indicated the turnaround for Edgbaston would be a tough call for Boult but updated quarantine protocols have allowed him to train immediately after arriving which has advanced his preparations by a few days.

Although, the final decision on whether he will play or not will not take much time if he doesn’t play that will be a big surprise. The coach said that there’s a chance and there are a few things changed and the British Government has eased their quarantine stipulations so Trent is out of isolation three or four days earlier than expected.

He further added by saying that the original plan the team had in place with all the information they had at the time was that they weren’t going to play Trent in the second Test match but when he came out of isolation three or four days before that what the team had anticipated did put a slightly different spin on it. So the team will weigh up the pros and cons and work out with Trent what they think is the best course forward to make sure that Trent is fit and ready to go for the final. He has been out of isolation for 48 hours and still suffering a jet lag.

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