Everything we know about “We Can Be Heroes 2”

We Can Be Heroes 2’s development has been verified by Netflix for more than two years. The long-awaited superhero sequel has finally received an update from director Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez told Collider that he needs the sequel as soon as possible. The sequel’s story would have a time leap that shows how the main characters improve as superheroes, the Spy Kids director further said.

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“The desire to do a sequel is greater because of the maturation of the children. They’re intended to be sort of next-level, even though the screenplay always kind of took it into account,” Rodriguez said. “I also appreciate the idea of kids watching the exponential growth of their favourite characters on screen because it helps them understand how time passes. They remember that Guppy, Sharkboy and Lavagirl’s daughter, was this age in the first movie”, and they say, “Oh yeah. I’ve been viewing it repeatedly, and now she’s already… They can visualise their own physical growth and development as well as the rapid growth of their minds. Therefore, I believe that time is on our side”.

Know the Plot of We Can Be Heroes 

The first installment’s summary states that “when alien invaders kidnap Earth’s superheroes, their kids are whisked away to a government safe house.” However, Missy Moreno, a brilliant tween, will do whatever it takes to save her superhero father Marcus Moreno. Missy joins forces with the other superkids to get away from their enigmatic government nanny, Ms. Granada. They will need to collaborate and create an extraordinary team employing each of their unique abilities, such as time travel, elasticity, and future prediction, if they are to succeed in saving their parents.

We Can Be Heroes cast

YaYa Gosselin played Missy, Pedro Pascal played Marcus, Priyanka Chopra Jonas played Ms. Granada, and Tech-No, played by Christian Slater Miracle Guy, portrayed by Boyd Holbrook Neil Anami is portrayed by Christopher McDonald, Anita Moreno by Adriana Barraza, Guppy by Vivien Lyra Blair, and Rewind by Isaiah Russell-Bailey. as Fast Forward in Akira Akbar, Noodles is portrayed by Lyon Daniels, Wild Card by Nathan Blair, and A Capella by Lotus Blossom. Andy Walken as Wheels, Dylan Henry Lau, Andrew Diaz as Facemaker, Hala Finley as Ojo As Blinding Fast, Sung Kang Ms. Vox is played by Haley Reinhart, Red Lightning by Brittany Perry-Russell, and Crushing Low by Brently Heilbron.

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