Why is Cricket betting so popular in India?


Cricket has long been a popular sport in India, with three centuries of history behind it. Indians grow up playing the sport and fall in love with it to the point that they want to watch most of the matches. And you know what goes along with watching a game you love? – betting on it! There’s an undeniable thrill that comes from knowing that you have some money on the line – the inclination to watch the game so you can feel the adrenaline rush taking over your body. But is the thrill all that makes cricket betting popular in India? We discuss some of the reasons fans have taken to betting like bees to honey:

It’s a Way to Make Money

India has a huge population, totaling over 1 billion people. As you can imagine, the job opportunities are hard to come by, especially for lower-income groups. People must thus be creative, and one of the ways to eke a living has become relying on dafabet India. Why is this the case?

  • Knowledgeability: Most Indians are well-versed in cricket matters and know which teams are strong and which ones don’t stand a chance. So, when they bet, they don’t do so based on pure subjectivity but couple it with some research. It makes it easier for them to win more than they lose, enabling them to make or supplement their income.
  • The availability of information: Cricket is not a new sport, and as such, there are tons of materials regarding how it’s played. New punters can start by reading about the sport online or in magazines. They can also follow the upcoming matches to get an inkling of what they can expect. Besides, so many people are willing to share what they know about the sport. It makes it easy even for the budding punter to make it in the industry.
  • Affordability: Most bookies have low buy-ins, amounting to about $1, and offer free bets and bonuses. So, it is pretty easy for most people to start betting even when they do not have much money.

Do people make money out of betting? Sure! Expert punters have made a lot of money by placing bets. Others have made careers out of posting predictions and have amassed followings.

It’s Easy to Access

Betting is unlike most careers. Whereas you would need to leave your home to go out and run a shop or make deliveries, you can wager from your home. And many Indians have access to smartphones, PCs, and other devices that can go online. Plus, the internet is easily accessible. This convenience allows them to place wagers from their homes, workspaces, or even on the commute. Moreover, most sites enable punters to follow the action live using streaming features. It allows them to:

  • Watch the game even when they do not have access to a television, and
  • Place wagers as the game continues, enabling them to hedge their risks and still make a profit as the odds change.

Additionally, most bookies have now introduced apps that are much more navigable, allowing players to make and follow up on their wagers easily.

The Availability of Variety

The legality surrounding betting in India is best described as murky – it’s not entirely clear if players should engage in placing wagers. On the one hand, the law states that such activities are illegal. And on the other hand, many players continue doing so openly and have not faced the wrath of the law. As a result, many bookies have now entrenched themselves in the region, capitalizing on cricket betting. They offer:

  • Competitive odds,
  • A wide range of betting markets that allow the players to place multiple bets with high profitability,
  • An array of bonuses, and
  • Payment platforms suitable for Indians.

Most of these platforms focus on cricket, so most players are drawn to cricket rather than other games as the selection is much better.

It is Fun

Let’s face it. No matter how profitable cricket betting is, most people would not pursue it if it were not fun. Indians have been playing and watching cricket for a long time and understand the game’s nuances. So, it’s not a learning curve for them. They know the different types of games, rankings in the tournaments, and all it takes for a team to make it to the top. As a result:

  • They find it easy to spend a few minutes looking at the odds and deciding on the most likely outcome. Plus, they get to earn some money from what they perceive as leisure activities.
  • They do not face a challenge in understanding the betting markets. While the more complicated bets may take some time to learn, they can always start with the simplest ones – the winner, loser, etc.

There are Multiple Tournaments

Some sports have limited games a year. But cricket is not limited to a few games. Instead, there’s always a tournament underway. Whether it’s the ODI, T20I, or test matches, qualifiers and head-to-head games are always in the offing. And even when there is a break between the games, punters can always bet on other teams. They can even bet against themselves when they think that the odds are not in their favor. This availability makes wagering a fun and effective way of minting money from a sport they love. And if they lose in one match, they can always place another wager in the next one.

It is Relatively Safe

Most Indians who have used betting sites have praised their experiences, terming them as positive. Only a few have stated that they were unhappy with the services. Of course, the experience comes down to whether one chooses an excellent service provider. The best way to choose a platform is by considering its reputation, license, and customer care. And luckily, most of the organizations operating in the country have proven to keep their word.

Indians face slightly less risk in cricket betting than people in countries where this game is not as popular. However, you should remember that there are no guarantees in betting, and you should start small before going in for the top prize. Money management also goes a long way in protecting your capital. All the best!

Disclaimer: Gambling involves an element of financial risk and maybe addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. Subject to applicable laws.

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