Why is Josephine Langford mostly missing in ‘After Everything’ film? Reason revealed

Despite being the main character of the movie and the center of the alluring romance, Josephine Langford was absent from most of the final movie After Everything. Although she is listed as a main role and does appear in the film, she is largely seen in flashbacks of old Langford video. Fans were outraged by her absence. Here’s why Josephine Langford got little screen time in After Everything.

Since the start, the After franchise has struggled to keep its actors. A lot of actors have not returned to repeat their roles and were recast.

Ken Scott, the dad of Hero Tiffin’s character, was played by Peter Gallagher. Rob Estes later portrayed the character. Stephen Moyer, who played Bill Compton on True Blood, took up Charlie Weber’s role as Christian Vance. Arielle Kebbel took the role of Candice Accola.

Landon Gibson, played by Shane Paul McGhie, was also replaced. In the following films, Chance Perdomo took up the role.

The global pandemic was responsible for the majority of these casting changes. While filming for the After series continued throughout the pandemic, several actors and actresses refused to return to the set and instead decided to spend time with their families.

This does not appear to be the case for Josephine Langford.

After 4 films in which he played the lead, Langford took a purposeful step back from the role and the franchise for the 5th and final film. Though she appears in the film, it is mainly through flashbacks that feature older videos of Langford.

Josephine Langford is present in the film’s final proposal scene.

The decision she made not to have an important role in the film prompted the writers to come up with a plot line based solely around the character Hardin Scott. He spends the film improving and changing for the better in trying to win back his love.

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