Akshay Kumar reflects on his post-Covid recovery

Akshay Kumar reflected on his post-Covid recovery and the necessary precautions to ensure our safety.

Two months post Covid recovery, Akshay Kumar has resumed shooting for his upcoming projects.

While everyone sees him as a daring and risk-taking figure, he accepted that stepping outdoors for the first time after recovery did make him nervous.

He said, “”I admit this is not without fear. I am rightfully and cautiously fearing every move within reason, as everyone needs to. But, I am also incredibly grateful to have the amount of work I have, which in itself is enough to drive to get me up and about ready to share my masked face with the world again.”

Reflecting on the lethality of the virus and how it’s here to stay unless we take utmost precautions, the actor said, “”As much as my whole life has been about taking risks when it comes to health, I am very serious. This pandemic has reminded many of us just how short life can be, as safe as we must continue to be, it’s time to slowly start chasing our rainbows again, feel the outside air in our lungs, bring happiness into our homes, build our mental health and slowly let Covid become the new norm. Instead of trying to beat it, we should try embracing that Covid will be a big part of our lives for a while.”

The actor has claimed to be well-rest post recovery and is anticipating his upcoming shoots. In an interview he said he feels he’s rested more now than since he was born. During his quarantine period, he had time to rethink and improve his health and lifestyle.

The Sooryavanshi actor is grateful to have received the proper care and treatment so as to come out of it alive and healthy.

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