Aubrey Plaza once caught lying on The Late Show by David Letterman during their interview

Throughout his career, David Letterman has interviewed numerous celebrities. Aubrey Plaza has to be one of the most entertaining. The actress is well-known for her remarkable interviews, which she did on The Late Show early in her career. Here’s everything you need to know about their awkward Late Show interview.

Aubrey Plaza lied about her sister’s job

Plaza was questioned about her siblings and she stated that she has two sisters. This was not a lie, and in fact true. Plaza said that her sisters didn’t want to be actresses and that one of them was interested in Environmental Design. When questioned about her job, Plaza began to make up things. She went on to admit that she was lying, while Letterman questioned if she really had sisters to start with. Plaza played along with the joke, saying that she, too, lied about having sisters.

Plaza had yet another entertaining talk show moment and viewers enjoyed it for its awkwardness. The clip was uploaded to the Late Show’s YouTube channel.

Plaza continued by revealing that she couldn’t help herself during awkward moments in interviews. Fans praised Plaza and the interview moment with David Letterman.

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