Bryan Cranston clarifies his ‘acting break’ in long social media post

Bryan Cranston made waves recently when he stated his plans to retire from acting in 2026 in an interview with British GQ. The 67-year-old actor, however, clarified his statements, saying that he is not retiring but rather taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry.

The Breaking Bad actor clarified that his 3-year exit plan from Hollywood does not mean the end of his career. While Cranston wants to close down his production company and sell his  stake in Dos Hombres, the Mezcal company he co-founded with Aaron Paul, he explained on social media that this step is only a “pause button.”

Taking to his Instagram account, Bryan penned, “I am not retiring. What I am going to do is hit the pause button for a year after I reach my 70th birthday in 2026. Holy crap – 70!”

Check out Bryan Cranston’s post here!

The actor shared his wish to spend quality time with his wife, Robin Dearden, in a way that hasn’t been possible in the last 25 years.

Cranston feels that this break will provide them with new hopes, goals, and experiences as they navigate their “latter years” together.

The actor’s choice to take a hiatus is a personal one that will allow him to rejuvenate and rediscover himself, opening the way for new and exciting chapters in his life and career.

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