Christina Milian defends ‘controversial’ opinion of Doja Cat

Christina Milian recently shared her admiration for pop star Doja Cat in an interview with Page Six. Milian, who made her own path as a pop singer with songs like “Dip It Low,” praised Doja Cat’s distinct look, highlighting the singer’s different approach to her r craft. Christina Milian’s words of gratitude reflect the evolving landscape of the music industry, where singers like Doja Cat have pushed the limits of creativity and self-expression. While Milian’s own music career was defined by iconic songs and a unique style that resonated with fans, she acknowledges that the industry has changed since her peak.

She applauds Doja Cat for embracing her personality and pushing artistic boundaries by embracing this evolution. “The image is not necessarily my type of image but I love that about her,” Milian said. “And it’s a performance and it’s entertainment.”

Doja Cat’s ability to smoothly blend different musical styles, such as hip-hop, pop and R&B, has earned her a large and wide fan following. Milian’s recognition of Doja Cat’s unique image reflects the music industry’s ever-changing landscape, in which musicians are rewarded for their authenticity and willingness to break the mould. “I like that she’s owning herself. I think that’s what I love about it,” Milian added.

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