Did you know of Sushant Singh Rajput’s cameo in CID?

The late Sushant Singh Rajput featured in an episode of CID to help solve a series of crime right before the release of his upcoming detective-themed movie “”Detective Byomesh Bakshy”.

Sushant Singh Rajput started his career on television with a long run daily soap, Pavitra Rishta where he was well known for the role of “Manav”. After his stint with television and daily soaps, he achieved bigger success as a Bollywood movie star.

Did you know that Sushant returned to television to get featured on CID as a detective?

Shortly before the release of his film “Detective Byomesh Bakshy”, the actor appeared on CID as a promotion for his upcoming movie and helped detective Daya, Abhijeet and ACP Pradyuman to solve a series of crime stretching across Mumbai and Kolkata.

Sushant’s character in CID puts together clues to solve a murder mystery that involves a case of poisoning. Along the way, he connects two strikingly similar murders, one in Kolkata and another in Mumbai, to be able to successfully solve the case.

Sushant joins hands with the entire team of CID to track down the culprits of the murder and the episode ends on a happy note.

Sushant recieved critical appreciation for his performance in “Detective Byomesh Bakshy” and there were talks on a sequel. However, the plans were shelved after the actor’s untimely death on 14th June 2020, when he was found dead by suicide in his Bandra Residence.

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