Esha Gupta breaks silence on her horrific casting couch experience

Unfortunately, casting couches are common in the entertainment industry. Several actors, including Radhika Apte and Sameera Reddy, have shared their ordeals. Not only did female stars experience exploitation in the early stages of their careers, but so did Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurrana and other actors. Esha Gupta is the most recent star to speak up about terrifying casting couch incidents.

In a recent interview with SpotBoyE, the actress said, “Two individuals subjected me to this ordeal. The film was half completed. When I refused, the co-producer told the maker that he did not want to see me in the film.”

Esha also stated that she lost numerous more films after this. “I had heard that these people used to say about me that if I won’t do anything then what is the point of taking me in the film.”

Another terrifying casting couch incident occurred during an outdoor shoot for one of her movies. An alarmed Esha had requested her makeup artist to sleep in her room to ensure she wasn’t alone at night.

“There were two people who laid the trap of casting couch. I had understood but I still did the film because it was a small move from their side. He thought that I would fall into his trap during the outdoor shoot. I was also smart, I said that I would not go to sleep alone. I called my makeup artist to sleep in my room,” she said.

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