Is ‘Ashes’ already released? Checkout the Trailer

Here’s everything you need to know about “Ashes”.


Based on actual occurrences and real individuals, the documentary delves into the catastrophic fire and its aftermath, capturing a range of emotions throughout the emergency evacuation. The warden is scared by the uncontrollable fire as we see in the little teaser trailer that is now available, showing the girl’s school set on fire. The movie will investigate the covert intentions and unspoken realities that exist within the walls of this extremely rigorous and regulated educational facility. Leave when the warden yells! After the fire incident, a sizable group of girls flee across the corridor, prompting the warden to ask the head or principle for permission to evacuate.

Know the Maker and Cast

An all-girls school’s basement is filled with chaos and heartbreaking screams as everyone scrambles to save their lives. The enigmatic story is being directed by Khaled Fahed, who has assembled a talented group of actors, including Shaima AlTayeb, Khayria Abu Laban, Darin AlBayed, Adwa Fahad, and Aesha AlRefai.

Checkout The Trailer

Release Date

Ashes had released on Netflix on February 9, 2024.

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