Jared Leto spotted with rumoured girlfriend Thet Thinn in Germany

The American actor and musician Jared Leto was recently spotted with his rumoured girlfriend Theta Thinn in Germany.

As per Page Six, the celebs were seen with a woman while they were arriving at their hotel in a black van. Later, the stars left the hotel and returned in the evening. Jared wore a black graphic tee with black jeans and matching sneakers. While the Burmese model wore a white mini dress and black boots.

Though the source has not yet confirmed why they visited Germany, Jared recently gave a interview to GQ. Netizens seem unhappy with the rumoured couple due to their age difference. Jared is 51 years old, while Thet is just 22—clearly an age gap of almost 30 years between them. As per RadarOnline.com, “Jared’s been telling everyone he has a special girl in his life and isn’t seeing anyone else. It’s pretty new, but he’s gaga for her.”

Earlier, Jared was involved with Hollywood superstars Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson. Thet was recently spotted in Jared’s band Thirty Seconds to Mars’ music video “Stuck”.


Jared posted a video on his Instagram and captioned it, “Born in Myanmar, a beautiful but war-torn country in the middle of a violent conflict, Beauty brought with her an elegance, grace, and gravitas that helped to make the video so much more special. Thanks again to everyone who worked so hard and gave so much of themselves to this project. Very grateful!!!”.

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