Joan Collins opens up about her surprising shopping habits

Despite being an iconic television and fashion star, Joan Collins is not above shopping on a budget. The 90-year-old actress admitted that she is “not averse to buying things at Target” in a recent interview with The Sunday Times.

“I love Target,” Collins stated before revealing her most recent purchase at the U.S. retail chain.

“A leopard-skin bathing suit, which I photographed on Instagram,” she said to the outlet, saying that it cost $28.  “It got so many likes — everybody thought it was Dolce,” the Dynasty star stated of the swimsuit.

Part of her appreciation for buying on a budget might be from the fact that she does not receive half the fashion freebies that others assume she gets. When asked, she denied getting a plethora of gifts, however, she did reveal some of the freebies she had collected over the years.

She said, “Oh, when I was doing Dynasty I would go to Paris sometimes, for Dior. I knew [Gianni] Versace very well. Versace gifted me with several beautiful things that I still have.”

Collins went on to mention a few of the wonderful gifts that the founder of the Italian fashion brand gave her. “A black leather jacket covered in big gold coins. A felt crossover skirt with a huge embroidered dragon on it, which I still have. Several jackets, which I have.”

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