Joe Jonas once got grilled in THIS lie detector test interview

Joe Jonas is under criticism right now for announcing his “amicable” divorce from Sophie Turner. Prior to their joint Instagram statement, there were rumours that he was raising their two daughters alone as the Game of Thrones star allegedly reverted to partying.

According to TMZ, Joe saw something on a security camera that caused him to end his relationship with Sophie. Later, the bartender at the Birmingham bar where the actress was seen with her pals revealed to the Daily Mail that she was there days before the divorce announcement, “wanting to return to her days of partying.”

Sophie became the “bad mom” who left her husband and kids. The story was later called the narrative “misogynistic,”, despite the fact that many fans backed the X-Men star. They even mentioned Joe’s history of blaming women for his mistakes.

However, in this Vanity Fair 2022 lie detector test, the singer was refreshingly honest and calm when answering relationship questions. A commenter even stated at the time that they should do it again “but with Sophie asking the questions” because “she will REALLY make him sweat.” Well, that would certainly be more intense now.

Joe Jonas kept cool during his lie detector test

Joe was then questioned if Nick Jonas was their parents’ favourite son. He replied truthfully, “very much so,” adding, “Thanks, mom and dad.” The lie detector caught him when he was asked if he was happy with it and responded yes. Denise Jonas, their mother, set the record straight on the matter.

“I think they all think Nick’s the favorite,” she told TODAY. “But I really don’t have a favorite. I mean, there are different things for different ones.”

She added, “It feels absolutely wonderful because, as a mom, I’ve raised you this way and how are you gonna find someone that’s equal to you?” she said of Sophie, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas . “I could not be more blessed. And they’ve given us five beautiful granddaughters.”


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