Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny ‘reconnecting again’ after New Year’s eve trip to Barbados: Report

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny may have ignited their love beneath the sparkling fireworks of a Barbados beach. Rumours are circulating that the supermodel and the rapper from Puerto Rico are back in their romantic relationship following their “cozy” New Year’s Eve celebration outside of the busy city. The news comes just days after a ‘heartbreaking’ report of their breakup grabbed headlines, leaving fans saddened. The US Sun reports that the pair recently reunited in Barbados.

An insider revealed to the US Sun on Monday, “They are very different people and nobody ever saw their relationship going the distance, but they have a lot of fun together and missed each other since the split.” The source further adds, “They were with friends in the Caribbean over New Year and since getting back they’ve been dating again.”

The couple has maintained a low profile in public recently, but insider sources claim they have attended events, dined in Brentwood and had private moments since returning to Los Angeles. They’ve “snuck into events together, been to dinner in Brentwood and hung out in private now [that] they are back in LA.”

In addition, there are claims that the reggaeton superstar was present at her Beverly Glenn Estates home and was spotted driving her car. He is reportedly eager to get back with her. While we wait for an official statement from the ex-flames, a source says, “They’re taking it slow at the minute, nobody would be surprised if they made it official again.”

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