Neena Gupta shares reason behind not marrying again after being pregnant with Masaba

Actress Neena Gupta gave birth to Masaba out of a wedlock but decided to remain single. Here’s why…

Actress Neena Gupta was in convesation due to her recently published autobiography, ‘Sach kahun toh’. Her personal life was described in the book without keeping things hidden. She opened up about saying no to second marriage after being pregnant with Masaba. Masaba was born to her out of wedlock, when she was in a relationship with Sir Vivian Richards.

In an interview with Sonali Bendre, the actress told her views on second marriage. She said, “I was too proud of myself. I said I will not marry because I will get name, because I will get money. Like about this person who is gay. That was offered to me, that ‘you will get a name and you do what you want’. I would never do that.”

Further she also explained another reason behind not remarrying. She said, “I was still attached to Vivian, although we met seldom. But there was a connect for quite many years. There was a connect with Masaba also. We used to go for holidays together sometimes and whatever time Masaba spent with him or I spent with him was very nice. There was no problem because we were away from his house. He has a wife and he has children. I will always cherish those memories,” She also added that she was not interested in anybody else and was happy.

Recently, one incident that she wrote in the book was in news for several reasons. It was of Satish Kaushik’s marriage proposal to Neena Gupta. Satish Kaushik opened up about the incident and stated it as a friendly gesture. He said that he offered her to marry just to support her in her bad times.

Her autobiography is filled with various such incidents and is growing popular, day-by-day. The Masaba Masaba series on Netflix which depicts the real life relationship between mother-daughter, Neena-Masaba, is all set for its second season.

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