PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi reacts to Kylian Mbappe’s future amid exit rumors

Mbappe’s future at PSG is still a topic of significant debate, with some claiming that the attacker has already chosen to join Real Madrid after the season. Naturally, PSG president Al-Khelaifi was pressured with questions on the Mbappe transfer drama, but the official revealed nothing to reporters.

Al-KhelaIfi told reporters on the sidelines of the UEFA Congress in Paris: “When we have both decided, we will tell you.”

Philippe Diallo, the president of the French Football Association, was also asked about Mbappe’s future in Paris, and he, like Al-Khelaifi, did not reveal anything to the media.

“I don’t know his (Mbappe’s) final choice,” he said.

He added, “I will wait, like many others, for him to make a decision. Now he has a club and I believe that President Nasser Al-Khelaifi is also present at the UEFA congress. He is certainly much better informed than me about the rest of the career of Kylian Mbappe.”

If Mbappe joins Madrid, it would bring an end to a long-running transfer drama and increase an already powerful squad that includes Vinicius Junior and Jude Bellingham. As per reports, the 2018 World Cup champion has stated that he intends to leave PSG on amicable terms, ensuring that his hometown club receives sufficient compensation and has allegedly promised to give up a €80 million loyalty bonus.

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