Richa Chadha tags Ali Fazal as a progressive partner; Says, “Don’t let it go to your head”

Richa Chadha calls Ali Fazal Progressive says she has found an equal partner in boyfriend.

Richa Chadha has opened up and has said she has found a equal partner in boyfriend Ali Fazal. Richa shared a quote by Audrey Kitching about a relationship with no gender roles, commenting on the same, the  actor wrote on her Instagram Stories, “Yes, Grateful for the extremely well-raised, progressive and equal partner I have found in @alifazal9. Great cook, workout buddy, reader, artist and homie.”

The former were to get married last year April but couldn’t due to Covid reasons. Recently the duo have moved to a sea-facing apartment in Mumbai and are yet to confirm a new wedding date. Talking to Mumbai Mirror in an interview Richa said “He is fun, and unlike most boys, likes to help around. He chose the curtains without fuss; luckily, our aesthetics match for the most part. It’s good to finally be able to take decisions together, right from what soap to buy to which maid to hire. Ali is a better cook, specially when it comes to continental cuisine. When we went grocery shopping, his bag was bigger than mine. I enjoy organic farming and here we have a space to grow a kitchen garden of our own, which he is helping me with.”

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