Salman Khan recalls his old conversation with Katrina Kaif, where she says ‘My whole career is destroyed’

Salman khan recollects her old chit-chat with Katrina Kaif where she cried and said ‘My whole career is destroyed’ after John Abraham replaced her with Tara Sharma.

Bollywood star Salman Khan in his recent interview with IndiaTV, he thinks back of the situation when Katrina Kaif was not feeling great after she was replaced by John Abraham with Tara Sharma.

In a conversation with India TV, Salman Khan had explained, “A long time ago, John Abraham had removed Katrina from a movie. Now it was Katrina’s turn (laughs). I remember the visual of Katrina that she was working for the film for which she was replaced by Tara Sharma later and Katrina was crying ‘My whole career is destroyed’. Teen din tak woh jhelna pada (I had to bear it for three days). I always felt, ‘She’s going to be one of the biggest stars we have in this country and why is she crying’. I said, ‘You’ll be laughing at this a few years down’.”

“Then this movie came, she said ‘John is in the film’. I said, ‘So? It could be anybody in the film. You are doing a film for the script and director, whoever be the co-star. She said, ‘No but he’d taken me out of that film’. I said, ‘C’mon yaar be magnanimous. Today you’re in a position ki aap kar sakti ho yeh (that you can do it)… He can be replaced anytime but it’s not the rightest thing to do. She understood that (and) worked with John. The film became a big hit. Mere aur Katrina dono k badappan k wajahse John Abraham ko badi hit mili hai (Because of the nobility of both of us John Abraham got a big hit),” he further added.

John Abraham and Tara Sharma worked together in 2003 movie ‘Saaya’. And John and Kartina acted together in the romantic-thriller movie ‘New York’ alongside Neil Nitin Mukesh.

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