Stephen Colbert is forever a Taylor Swift fan following the pop start’s interaction with his daughter

If Swifties ever go to war in the name of Taylor Swift, expect Stephen Colbert to be there with them on the battlefield. During the commercial break of The Late Show (May 4), the comedian revealed to his audience the lovely moment he realized he would forever adore the 32-year-old pop star.

“I’ll love Taylor Swift ’til the day I die,” he said. “I would put on armor and follow her into battle.”

Colbert revealed that he had the opportunity to introduce his daughter Madeline to Swift while talking about his behind-the-scenes experience at the 2008 Grammys with Late Show band leader Jon Batiste, who just happened to win album of the year at this year’s ceremony.  “She was really just beginning to be a big deal,” he said about the “All Too Well” singer. “She’s quite young. And my 14-year-old daughter goes, ‘Taylor Swift’s over there. Dad, Taylor Swift’s over there!’”

Then, according to Colbert, he walked up to Swift and asked if he could introduce her to his daughter. “She turns around and goes, ‘Pretty girl!’ and comes and puts her arms around her and goes, ‘Oh you look amazing!’” he recalled,  mimicking how the now-11-time Grammy winner joyfully spread her arms to hug Madeline. “She just praises my daughter for how she looks for, like, 30 seconds.”

Colbert says that because of that moment, he forever became a Swiftie. “I would jump off a cliff into a pit of spikes for that woman for how nice she was to my daughter,” he added. “You’ve got to remember that!”

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