Tom Cruise’s security team isn’t fond of the actor taking public transportation

Tom Cruise, now in his 60s, continues to grab headlines for his acting as well as his personal life. Tom is often lauded, not only for his roles but also for how he treats people. The actor received praise for being kind to a colleague in a public situation. The same seems to be true when he is noticed by fans.

In the following, we’ll take a close at Cruise heading out in public, but when he does so, he’s trailed by security while he also dresses up in disguise. We’ll also discuss how Tom managed to watch his own movie at a theatre with fans while out in public.

Tom Cruise dressed in a disguise in the past to watch his own film

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Tom Cruise doesn’t just take the subway dressed in disguise, he also does the same when it comes to watching his own movies in theatres. According to Cruise, he likes to see how his movies are being received by the public. Therefore, the actor has taken to movie theatres internationally to have a deeper understanding. As expected, he attempts to mask his identity while maintaining a low profile.

“I grew up I always wanted to travel the world so when I started making movies, I was able to go watch movies in other countries so I always go watch films with other audiences and watch their movies with them.”

“So, I do. When I make a film I wanna go see it with an audience. I just try to do everything I can, use every tool that I have, to entertain the audience.”

In any case, Tom did say that fans are sometimes clever and can identify when the actor is present. In that situation, Tom signs or takes a photograph.

Given his stardom, the actor has a security team in place and they are not happy when the actor rides the subway in public.

Tom Cruise’s security team isn’t fond of the actor taking the subway

Tom Cruise stated to Jimmy Kimmel that he isn’t opposed to taking public transportation, especially when travelling abroad.

Cruise recalled an incident in England in which he was spotted by a fan. The 14-year-old couldn’t believe Cruise had gone unnoticed. While she understood and shot a photo, Tom quietly asked her to keep it a secret. While Cruise admits his security staff isn’t a fan of his public transportation adventures, the audience had a blast with the reveal.

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