Twitter displays a distorted map of India; Government may take action

Reportedly, Twitter is carrying a wrong map of India that displays Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh as a separate country. Sources revealed that the government might take strict actions for exhibiting a distorted map.

The map that emerges on the ‘Tweep Life’ section of the Twitter website showed Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh outside India. The distorted map was brought to notice by a Twitter user which gave rise to several angry reactions.

The latest controversy in the existing tussle between the government of India and Twitter ranges on several issues that includes tagging of BJP leaders post as ‘manipulated media’ along with the ‘new rules for social media sites’.

On responding to the ‘new rules for social media’ Twitter pointed that it is a ‘freedom of expression’ concern. The new rules stated to appoint India-based compliance officer. Twitter, on May 31 informed the Delhi High Court that it was appointing Dharmendra Chatur, partner at law firm which represented Twitter as its interim grievance redressal officer. The government on the other hand clarified that it would not allow appointment of outsiders to statutory posts.

Dharmendra Chatur, weeks after his appointment resigned from his position yesterday.  As per reports, Twitter has presently appointed Jeremy Kessel, its US-based Global Legal Policy Director as the grievance officer for India though the new rules commands an appointment of an Indian resident for the position.

The government earlier in a series of run-ins with Twitter have urged the website to take off the ‘manipulated media’ tag from tweets posted by several BJP leaders on an alleged Congress ‘toolkit’. However, Twitter refrained from removing the ‘manipulated media’ tag. On this regard, the Delhi Police served its notices as well as visited Twitter’s office in Delhi and Gurgaon. The officials also interrogated Manish Maheswari, Twitter India Chief in Bengaluru.

As per latest reports, the police in the BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh called for Mr. Maheswari as he failed to control the spread of a video that allegedly targeted at inciting religious discord.

Union IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s Twitter account also locked for almost an hour on Friday. The Minister claimed that his account was denied access for over an hour on a complaint that he violated copyright laws by posting clips of himself from television debates.

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