Vidya Balan on encountering ‘sexism’ in Bollywood

Vidya Balan opens up about facing ‘sexism’ in the show business. She recalls having to make amends to her schedule to suit the convenience of her male counterpart irrespective of the fact that she had been the lead role in the film.

From ‘Kahaani’ to ‘Tumhari Sulu’ and now to ‘Sherni’, Vidya Balan’s body of work has always spoken for itself. However, the actress opens up about her struggles in the industry and how she has been subject to ‘sexism’ in Bollywood.

During her latest interview, the ‘Sherni’ actress revealed, ““I think we face sexism all the time, and not just through men, even from women. Sometimes, we do that to other women too. I think misogyny is so intrinsic to the patriarchal mindset, in which we are all steeped, that it is difficult to get rid of it easily. I face it even today, sometimes. It annoys me, but of course, it is much less now than before. All around me, I see people facing sexism. Not everyone is even aware that they are saying something wrong, most of the time.”

She recalls how she was made to adjust her shooting dates in accordance with the convenience of her male counterpart and how it didn’t matter even if she was the lead in the movie.

In her latest film ‘Sherni’, Vidya plays the role of a forest official, a job that is perceived to be a man’s area of work. However, being the zealous and prolific actor that she is, Vidya has taken up the challenge and has owned the role with vigor and passion.

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