Priyanka Chopra was asked to ‘go back to India and get gang-raped’ in US

Actress Priyanka Chopra opened up about the racism she faced in the United States after the release of her debut single, ‘In My City’ along with Pitbull in her memoir Unfinished. She recalls the day of the incident when she was sent hate mails with rape threats and racist remarks. She talks about the thrill of turning on the television and watching her song air live to mainstream America through an NFL weekly spot.

She then continues, “My bubble was quickly burst. I was completely destroyed by a storm of explicitly racist hate mail and tweets, including – among many, many examples to choose from – ‘What’s a brown terrorist doing promoting an all-American game?’ and ‘Go back to the Middle East and put your burka on’ and-years later it’s still hard to write this – ‘Go back to your country and get gang-raped”